AUGUST 24/29 

As part of the event planning  BARCELONA BALLET PROJECT,  center of international high training for dancers ,  presents the second edition of the BARCELONA CUBAN SUMMER DANCE INTENSIVE - BALLET / CONTEMPORARY CULTURE EXCHANGE PROGRAM. The program of the event includes six days of intensive study of classical and contemporary dance with internationally renowned teachers from Cuba and Italy.


  • Classic ballet

  • Pax de deus

  • Classical and contemporary repertoire

  • Danse de caracter

  • Contemporary dance

  • Choreographic workshop






Classic Ballet

Choreographic Workshop

- Juryman for the international dance school contest "Encuentro international para academias de danzas y estudiantes de ballet" Ciutat de la Habana - Cuba - organized by Escuela Nacional de Ballet Fernando Alonso and CNEART.
- Artistic Director ENBC Italia - Formative Program Método Escuela Nacional de Ballet "Fernando Alonso" Cuba
- Creator, Artistic Director and appointed Responsible, for Italy by University Institute “Alicia Alonso” - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, for the “Educational two-year course for dance teacher on methodology of Cuban Classical Ballet”   
- Artstic Director and Dance Teacher/Choreographer for Barcelona Ballet Project -  Pre Professional three year course for dancers.
- Guest Teacher and Juryman Certamen Internacional de Danza Ciutat de Barcelona IV and V edition (Jury: Hector Zaraspe, Julio Bocca, Christine Dakin, Nya Bowman, Javier La Torre, Igal Perry, Gino Labate)
- Artistic Director of “Labat Loano Dance Festival (13 editions), as well as the “Labat Grand Prix Giuliana Penzi” and the contest “Un Popolo che Danza”
-  Artistic Director of International Dance Contest “Passi di Talento” City of Montecatini.
-  Creator and Artistic Director of social initiative against alcool, drug and car crashes Saturday night “Life Vite Spezzate” 
-  Creator and Artistic Director of social initiative against violence to women.
-  Artistic Director of “Labat International Dance Competition Città di Alassio”
- Teacher and Choreographer for the Festival of San Lorenzo - El Escorial Spagna. University Institute “Alicia Alonso” - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid
-  June 8th /12th 2015 Invited Teacher and Choreographer  for contemporary classes of Rebecca Metzger’s Summer Intensive in Lovett School and North Atlanta Dance Academy’s summer intensive - Atlanta Georgia USA
- June 13th/20 Ft. Lauderdale Florida for the Dance Theatre Parkland. Florida USA
- Creator of social project “Dance for Life”
- Creator and Artistic Director of social initiative for mental illness “Danza per la Mente, Città solidali in Danza”
-  Artistic Director and Choreographer of  Labat Contemporary Dance Company
-  Director and Choreographer of dance production for mental illness “Stati Emotivi, Dentro la Follia”
-  Artistic Director of the center “Labat Art’s Academy” of Reggio Calabria
- Artistic Director of the Festival “Urban in Danza, Città di Catanzaro”
-  Artistic Director of the “Labat Reggio Danza Festival”
-  Principal Dancer Of the Dance Production “Stati Emotivi, Dentro la Follia”
- Artistic Director of Cultural Association “Spazio Danza Calabria”
 -Artistic Director of Dance Festival “Calabria Danzarte Reggio Danza”
 - Dance Teacher Festival “Vignale Danza”
-  Guest Principal Dancer Festival “Vignale Danza”
- Dance Teacher Festival “Vignale Danza”
- Juryman of Dance Contest “Vignale Danza”
- Dance Teacher, Guest Choreographer and Juryman for IV International Contest of Students of Ballet, 
 City of Habana (Cuba)
He created choreographies for the Gala of IV International Contest of Students of Ballet, Habana (Cuba):
- Mella Theater, Choreography “Despues de la Oscuridad”, created for Escuela Nacional Espectaculo Musical, XXXV Anniversary of Camaguey Ballet
- Mella Theater, Choreography “Twenty in Life”, created for Escuela Nacional de Danza Contemporanea, gala in honor of Alicia Alonso, Fernando Alonso and Alberto Alonso
- National Theater, Choreography “Dentro la Follia”, created for Escuela Nacional de Ballet, dancer Rolando Sarabia, international star of Cuban Ballet
- National Theater, Choreography “Risveglio”, created for Escuela Nacional de Ballet
- Juryman of the International Contest of Habana (Cuba) - ( Jury: Fernando Alonso, Ramona De Sàa, Alberto Mèndez, Paula Castro, Gino Labate)
- Guest Teacher and Choreographer for Prensa Conference in the International Center Prensa of Habana (Cuba)
- Member of the Court of Evaluation for the period of Professional Practice Habana and Varadero
- Guest Teacher and Juryman Festival “Vignale Danza”
- Guest Teacher and Choreographer III International Ballet contest, Habana (Cuba)
- Choreographer for the Escuela Nacional de Danza Contemporanea, choreography “Dos en Tres”, National Theater of Habana (Cuba)
- Choreographer for the Escuela Nacional de Ballet, choreographies “ Dos en Movimiento” and “Recuerdo”, National Theater of Habana (Cuba)
- Choreographer for the Escuela Nacional de Espectaculo Musical, choreography “Fragmentos”, National Theater of Habana (Cuba)
- Ballet and Contemporary Dance Teacher at the third International Meeting of Ballet Academies
- Choreographer, at the Gala of International Ballet Contest Habana, for Escuela Nacional de Arte (CNART)
- Dance Teacher for the Methodology Program “Fondazione Teatro Nuovo di Torino”
- Guest Teacher and Juryman for the Festival “Vignale Danza”
- Artistic Director Dance Festival “Danzare ’95”, Palaeur (Rome)
- Guest Teacher and Juryman Festival “Vignale Danza”
- Choreographer for TV program “Uno Mattina”, RAI (national television network)
- First Dancer and Choreographer for the production “Enigma”, San Genesio Theater (Rome)
-  First Dancer and Choreographer, charity initiative for autistic children, Choreography “Enigma”, Piper ’90 (Rome)
-  Creator and Choreographer for the production “Oltre il Buio”, social initiative against AIDS
-  First Dancer and Choreographer at the “Bottega Coreografica Grassina “ (Firenze)
-  First Dancer and Choreographer  in a Dance Festival in Basel (Switzerland), production “Enigma”
From 1983 to 1989 
Soloist and First Dancer for the Company of the Teatro Comunale “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” (Firenze)
The most important productions:
- “La Silfide”, choreographer Peter Schaufuss,  soloist in the four witches (1983)
- “Pulcinella”, choreographer Oscar Araiz,  first dancer (1984)
-- “Giselle”, choreographer E. Poliakov, first dancer (Duke), with Carla Fracci and James Urbain
- “Giselle” choreographer E. Poliakov, soloist, with R. Nureyev and Sylvie Guillem
- “La Strada”, choreographer Mario Pistoni, soloist
- “Il Cappotto”, choreographer Fleming Flindt, soloist
- “Il Principe di Legno”, soloist
From 1980 to 1982 
 Soloist for the Company of National Dance Academy Rome
The most important productions:
- “Giselle”, choreographer Zarko Prebil
- “Don Quixote”, choreographer Zarko Prebil
- “Lago dei Cigni”, choreographer Zarko Prebil
- “Schiaccianoci”, choreographer Zarko Prebil
Soloist and First Dancer Teatro dell’ Opera Roma.
The most important productions:
- “Marco Spada”, choreographer Pierre Lacotte, with R. Nureyev, F. Zumbo, M. Denard.
- “Papillon”
- “Bella Addormentata”
- “Bergkristall”, with Carla Fracci and G. Janku
1977 - “Traviata”, direction Franco Zeffirelli, Soloist, with V: Vassiliev and C. Maximova
1991 - “Tindari Grandi Artisti” (Italy)
1996 - “Civiltà del Mare, per la Coreografia” (Italy)
1997 - Centro Nacional de Escuelas de Arte, Habana (Cuba)
1998 -  Escuela Nacional de Danza Moderna, Habana (Cuba)
2016 -  Special prize to dance promotion - consegnato da F.N.A.S.D. Leggere per ballare progetti per la Danza - Busseto Italy
Rome National Dance Academy
Contemporary Dance


- Artistic Director ENBC Italia - Formative Program Método Escuela Nacional de Ballet "Fernando Alonso" Cuba

- Artistic Director Barcelona Ballet Project - Pre Professional three years course for dancers.

- Artistic Director Labat Dance School Contest .... scuole di danza la sfida!!

- Artistic Director Labat Summer Dance Intensive Chianciano Terme

- Contemporary dance teacher Centre de Dansa de Catalunya - Barcelona - Spain

- Artistic Director of “ Educational two-year course for dance teacher on methodology of Cuban classical ballet”, in collaboration with University Institute “Alicia Alonso” – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid 


From 2002 to 2015: Artistic Director of “Labat Loano Dance Festival”

 as well as the “Labat Grand Prix Giuliana Penzi” and the contest “Un Popolo che Danza”


From 2002 to 2013: Soloist and Prima Ballerina at the “Labat Contemporary Dance Company”.

Assistant of the  choreographer Gino Labate 



• Artistic Director of the “International Dance Competition – Citta’ d’Alassio” and Artistic Coordinator of the “International Dance Competition – Citta’ di Montecatini” 

• Artistic Director and Choreographer of “Vite Spezzate” (social campaign against alcohol abuse, drugs and weekend car accidents). 

• Artistic Director and Choreographer of “Oltre il Buio” (social campaign against women violence) 

• Artistic Director of “ Educational two-year course for dance teacher on methodology of Cuban classical ballet”, in collaboration with University Institute “Alicia Alonso” – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid 

From 2006 until 2012: Dance Teacher and Artistic Director of the Studies Center “Evento Danza”, Rome. Choreographer of the experimental group “Longe Dance Project” for the introduction to the contemporary dance   


• 2009, Rome (Italy) – Master’s degree in Contemporary Dance, Rome National Dance Academy  


He began studies of the Specialty in 1998 at the Provincial School of Ballet '' Alejo Carpentier '' of Havana, concluding them at the National School of Ballet in 2006, where he joined the National Ballet of Cuba, under the direction of artistic-technique of the absolute prima ballerina Alicia Alonso. PROMOTIONS First level dance corps in 2007 Soloist in 2009 First soloist in 2011 Principal dancer of character 2012 to date During these years he has integrated the cast of several ballet scenes in Cuba and abroad, whose repertoire includes works of the great romantic-classical tradition, neoclassical, contemporary among others. Some of these have been:

  • La Bella Durmiente [Carabose]                                  - Alfonsina                                   

  • Cenicienta [lLeontine]                                                   - Día de la Creación

  • El Lago de los Cisnes[Von Rorbart]                         - Solitario

  • La Flauta Mágica [El criado del marqués]              -Tablada

  • Chueco [Santero]                                                              -A los Confines de la Tierra

  • Nápolis  [Solista Tarantela]                                          - Don Quijote[Quijote, torero y amigos 

  • Shakespeare[Señor Capuleto]                                     - Cascanueces [Drosselmeyer]

  • Sombra de un vals                                                             - Teseo y el Minotauro

  • Elegía por un joven[Payaso y Maestro de ceremonia] - Cuadros de una Exposición

  • Dido abandonada                                                               - Giselle [Duque]

  • Serenata Goyezca[Vendedor]                                       - Tiempo de Danzón

  • Desnuda Luz de Amor                                                       - Después del Diluvio

  • Dionaea                                                                                   - Habanera Suite

  • Tiempo Fuera de la Memoria                                         - Danzas de Mozart  

During his career he has been invited to interviews in various mass media (radio, TV and written press), having several moments in which he has had favorable reviews regarding his representation of different roles.

 International presentations:


2007:                                            2008:                                                   2009:                            

Febrero   Guatemala                    Agosto         Rep. Dominicana             Mayo             Brasil

Marzo   Ecuador                      Octubre      Canadá                         Julio          Nicaragua               

Mayo        Costa Rica                                                                        Sept a Nov.      España e Italia

Octubre    México                                                                                Diciembre       Canadá


2010:                                               2011                                                   2012                                    

Enero         España                            Febrero          Canadá                 Mayo                China           

Marzo a Mayo     U.K. y Francia  Marzo             México                    

Septiembre        Australia                 Mayo a Junio       USA2013                                              

Noviembre          Italia                      Sept  a Nov.     España                   Sept a Nov        España                                     

Diciembre           Canadá                Diciembre         Canadá


2014                                               2015

Junio            Puerto Rico                 Sept a Nov.      España y Oman

Septiembre     México 

Diciembre      Canadá

He has worked with national and international choreographers, such as Alicia Alonso, Alberto Mendez, Gustavo Herrera, Goyo Montero [Esp], Ramon Oller [Esp], Jean Grand Maitre [Can], Jean Kelly [USA], Anabel Lopez [Bel], among others. In addition to her participation in the editions of the International Ballet Festival of Havana, she has dabbled in different Danish genres such as Spanish dances, Cuban and Caribbean rhythms; represented in squares, theaters and tourist recreation centers. Important to highlight as an active professional dancer, his work as a teacher in both the National Ballet School and the National Ballet of Cuba. Working in this way with satisfactory results, with children from pre-school training to professional dancers and taking many of them to national and international competitions, obtaining relevant achievements in the continuous development of the new generations dedicated to the world of dance. He is currently developing this work in multiple dance schools in Catalonia such as Casinet de Hostafran, C.D.C, B.D.C, Loida Grau, among others, including different works in the great theater LICEO.

Classical ballet
Cuban method

Academic training 1994-2000 - Studies at the Elementary School of Ballet "Alejo Carpentier"

2000-2003 - National School of Ballet "Fernando Alonso", Havana, Cuba

2007-2012 - Degree in Social Communication, University of Havana, Cuba

Titles 2003 - Title of Dancer and Professor of Ballet, National School of Ballet "Fernando Alonso", Havana, Cuba.

2012 - Bachelor of Social Communication - University of Havana, Cuba

Professional experience: 2003-2007 - Dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba. 2008-2018 

Guest professor of the National Ballet of Cuba. 2015-2017 - Professor of the Irene Rodríguez Company.

2007-2018 - Professor of the National Ballet School "Fernando Alonso" and the International Dance Chair of the National Ballet of Cuba.

Improvvisation tecniques

He began his studies in Bari with Diane Durant, later he perfected himself at the "Academie de danse classique princesse Grace" in Monte Carlo under the artistic direction of Marika Besobrasova and later at the regional Academy of the Teatro Nuovo in Turin, studying with Susanne Oussov, Christine Hamel, Ramona De Saa, Alex Ursuliak, k. Bennett subsequently entering the company of the New Theater. Thus he has the opportunity to dance alongside Raffaele Paganini, Gabriella Cohen, Luciana Savignano.

In 1987 he joined the company of the "Aterballetto" where he will play leading and solo roles in the choreographies of the great international names in dance: Step Text - Four Point Counter - Love Songs, cor.W. Forsythe, Escaped - Night Creature - The River, cor. A.Ailey, Agon - Who Cares, cor. G. Balanchine, Forgetten Land cor. J.Kilian, Bolero - Sonata a Trois cor. M.Bejart, Scrutiny cor. D.Parson, Mythical Hounters - Greening cor. G.Tetley, Suite cor. U.Scholz, Sons of Adam cor. M.Abbondanza -A.Bertoni. He also performs choreographies by: J. Muller, L.Child, M.Van Hooke, R.Petit. He holds roles such as Drosselmeier in the "Nutcracker", Mercuzio / Tebaldo in "Romeo and Juliet", Coppelius in "Coppelia", Dott.Jackyl in "Dott. Jackyl and Mr. Hyde ", Escamillo in" Carmen ", with the choreography of A.Amodio and represented in international tours: United States, South America, France, Germany, South-East Asia, etc.

With Aterballetto, he also participates in national and international festivals such as: "United we Dance" (San Francisco), "The mirrors of Trieste", "Petit train du plaisire" (Pesaro) next to: A.Ferri, J. Bocca, G.Iancu under the artistic direction of Vittoria Ottolenghi.

In 2000 he took part in an Italian Tourneè returning to dance "Step Text" alongside Sylvie Guillem.

In 1993 he collaborated with D.Erzalow for the fashion shows of Issey Myake in Paris and Tokyo, he participated as principal dancer in the film: "Occhio Pinocchio" by F. Nuti, thus starting a collaboration with F.Miseria in television productions such as: "Desafio de los Dioses ”Antenna 3 TV (Spain),“ VIP 93 ”Telecinco (Spain) as first dancer next to H. Parisi,“ San Remo Famosi ”and“ Novecento ”RAIUNO (Italy) conducted by P.Baudo.

From 1997 under the artistic direction of M.Bigonzetti he inaugurates his choreographic research creating for L’Aterballetto: “Circus” - “Ricreazione”–  “Nove ritratti” ballet made for the “Il Violino e la Selce” festival with the direction of F.Battiato and original music for string orchestra, by M ° P. Castaldi - “Fuga Naturale”, which debuted at the Pergolesi Theater of Jesi, in the ambit of the Leopardian celebrations - "Distant destinations" created for the Theater of Saint Quentin en Yvelines (Paris), which debuted as part of the exhibition dedicated to young European choreographers: "Emergens".

From 2001 to 2003 he was the first dancer in musical productions such as: "Un americano a Parigi" with C.Desica cor. F.Miseria, "Tosca - Amore Disperato" music by L.Dalla cor. D. Erzalow, in the same period also participates, in a Swiss production, in the show "Zorba the Greek" cor. E.Frey in the role of Zorba, at the same time he was appointed Artistic Director of the Ass. Pugliadanza taking care of the laboratory of young professionals, thus starting his path as a teacher working with numerous structures.

The artistic research leads him to compete also as an actor in: "Almost ... almost ... I strip" with the direction of E. Strippoli and in "Trial" during the review "Carne Cruda" conceived by S. Nardini and the same O .Caiti.

He is currently the choreographer of the Musical Opera: "Actor Dei" presented at the Sala Nervi of the Vatican (Rome) with a debut in S. Giovanni Rotondo (FG) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of "Casa sollievo della sofferenza", he also collaborates as Professor and Choreographer C / O the school of musical arts St. Louis (Rome).

In 2009 he choreographed the show "Opera Musical Italian Rock '68".

Meanwhile, he continues his artistic collaboration at various dance schools as a teacher and presides over various juries and competitions.

In 2017 he was a guest as a professor of the "Fama a bailar" zero program.

In 2018 he creates "burning the house" and "D" for the Altradanza company and again in 2018 recreates the musical work "Actor Dei"


Harriet Macauley is a Lecturer, Choreographer, Digital Dance Artist, Collaborator and Independent Scholar. She is undertaking a PhD in Multimedia Collaboration with Liverpool John Moores and is the Founder and Artistic Director of InDance International Barcelona, a Dance, Theatre and Technology performance platform. An established and internationally recognized Director, Choreographer and Performer, her professional collaborations and engagements have taken her around the globe. 

- PhD in Multimedia Collaboration
- Post Graduate Diploma in Performance
- BA Honors in Contemporary dance and Performance London Contemporary Dance School
- SUNY Purchase New York, Exchange program
- Masters in Fine Arts in Choreography, University of Roehampton United Kingdom
- BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts, Waltham Forest College
- A. Level Dance, Lewisham College, London
- National Vocational Qualification Level 3 (NVQ3) Personal Training, Nutrition, Power Plate Trainer.

- Guildhall School of Music Collaborations
- Royal Academy of Music Collaborations
- Phoenix Dance Theatre, CC Laboratory
- Dance East Choreographic Award
- Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dance Base
- Arhus Demark, International Choreographic Laboratory
- Masdanza, International Choreographic Award
- Finalist in the VI Choreography Competition Spain
- Jacobs Pillow Boston, Choreographic Award , USA
- DUMBO choreographic festival New York

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